Time Flies When Your Having Fun.

Over the weekend i was so excited to be a guest at my sister and brother in-laws wedding. I couldn’t wait to see everything that they had been planning for the last year and half come together and be more then what they  had ever dreamed of. It felt like  the planning took more than 18 months. From picking out flower arrangements for her centerpieces,making thank-you gifts for her guests (which smell awesome by the way!) to finding the right DJ,photographer,cake maker,bridesmaids dresses,wedding,songs and the ‘perfect’ dress for her magical day. It took such a long time to prepare it all and when it came to her ‘big day’ , time flew. It went so damn quick.She had around a 20 minute ceremony which felt like it flew by within just a few minutes. She wishes she could rewind time and go back to that ‘moment’ with her partner and be in awe with their friends and family . It was a such an emotional but fun day to be with family and friends to celebrate their marriage.

Most Magical Day

Most Magical Day

What was your most memorable moment when you got married?

A Beautiful Boutique Bridal Shop

I recently published about a great bridal boutique that has opened up in the Hunter Valley, NSW. **Ashley Elizabeth Bridal.**

This lovely little shop that is situated in the heart of the vineyards has some amazing products for your big day.They will sure to win you over with their amazing and exquisite gowns , beautiful flower girl dresses and stunning jewelry pieces. They also have handbags and pillow cases, table runners- bits and pieces for that elegant touch.

To celebrate their recent opening and my wedding that’s is coming up, please pop over to You Must Be You Facebook page and check out the competition.

ashley elizabeth

Follow this link to  You Must Be You


Just My Local- Fashion 5 Minutes Away

Most of the time we just pop into a department store, have a quick browse, buy something and leave or it might be a little harder those who have kids because going into town to find that right dress or pants is a struggle because child/ren are having a meltdown so we walk out and don’t buy anything. I love stores that have toys for the little ones, makes it a little easier for me to shop.

Until recently i found a store only 5 minutes away from where i live and. They have amazing clothing wear- casual and formal- shoes , bags , jewelry and more.

Efagi opened in june 1999. There was nothing in Maitland hunter valley NSW for young ,working  women wanting high fashion at affordable prices.

Their customers have grown up with them, with many still remembering where they started. They have changed their fashion and trends along the way- remembering why they named the shop Efagi in the first place.

An Efagi is an image-they like to dress their ladies in the best possible image of themselves , and always be who they are..big or small and embrace that.

I have purchaced quite a few dresses from Efagi . you can see below

PicMonkey Collage

1. I love this dress!! I’m wearing this to my sister -in -laws hens party. Perfect for a girls night out on the town.

2.A navy blue and nude dress is perfect that elegant wedding. It holds such a beautiful lace touch that ruffles through to back of the dress.

3.This dress style here is perfect for a great lunch out with girls and you can wear it out dinner of a night. To make it a little more elegant a skirt is placed over the top of the bottom of the dress.

4.This beautiful multicolored halter neck dress is perfect for that beach or park outing

To keep up to date with Efagi and its latest trends follow them on facebook AT


Wedding Bells <3

Planning a wedding can be stressful, exciting,overwhelming and satisfying. When you want to look back on your wedding day, you don’t want to think “why on earth did you stress over that”!

Usually brides-to-be plan at least 18 months ahead – I HI 5 to those who plan it in weeks!- Take your time, relax and enjoy every moment of planning your wedding. It can be as casual as a BBQ in the backyard or as formal as a Ball.

Keep these simple tips in mind with Ashley Elizabeth Bridal’s top tips for planning a wedding.

Ashley Elizabeth Bridal is located in the vineyards of the Hunter Valley NSW. Ashley Elizabeth Bridal  brings elegance and exquisite style to the Hunter Valley along with a unique variety of breath taking gowns. Your sure to find your dream dress at Ashley Elizabeth Bridal.

These simple steps from Ashley Elizabeth Bridal will help you enjoy planning your special day.

  1. SET DATE, VENUE & LOCATION- Once you’ve set a date, finding your location and venue is a high priority. Places book quickly especially if its somewhere popular.
  1. DIARY- Write everything down on paper. Its been proven to decrease stress and anxiety- and you wont forget…


1.TIME MATTERS WHEN CHOOSING THE RIGHT DRESS– Trying on bridal dresses is a workout! organise a full day to search instead of juggling through work hours or between errands.

2.MAKE SURE THE LIGHT IS RIGHT- It is important to try your dress on in similar light to your wedding. If your having an outdoor wedding ceromony, try your dress near a window or if you having a church candlelight ceromony, try your dress on in dim light .

  1. OPINIONS OF FAMILY AND FRIENDS- Only invite the people whose opinions you actually care about and value. Dont feel you need to invite friends or family if their thoughts on your style arent very important to you.

4.BRA AND UNDERWEAR- A good tip is to wear similar undergarments when choosing your gown, that you will be wearing on your wedding day. So if your wearing a strapless dress- opt for a strapless bra and underwear in a neural color- would be a great idea. Most of the time there are bridal consultants in the dressing rooms with you so wear something you feel comfortable in and another person seeing.

5.COMFORT- If like me, a wild dancer..I will  be grooving it on the dance floor on my wedding night. Ashley Elizabeth Bridal recommends being comfortable in your dress. Make sure you can kneel or sit if theres alot of sitting required at your cermomy . Make sure you can dance comfortable in your gown. Im sure you would like to drop it like its hot!!

6.CRYING- Every bride has a different experience when wedding shopping.If this is a time for you to express your emotinal side or personal stlye, go ahead !.Dont let anyone tell you otherwise. Not all brides cry when they find the perfect dress.

I hope these tips help you stay calm and are useful along the way to  plan the perfect day of yours and your partners dreams.

You can see Ashley Elizabeth Bridal collection by popping over to their website at


Family Traditions

One thing I remember about my childhood, is baking every Sunday. I am one of 9 so making treats for our lunchboxes for school helped the budget for my parents then. I remember baking choc chip cookies ( well eating most of the mixture before it was cooked ), cakes and slices. It was so exciting to be in the kitchen at a young age and deciding what to bake for that week. I would use my imagination icing the cupcakes etc..it was fun!!

As the years have gone gone by, and I have my own family, I have bake nearly Sunday and trying to make it a little healthier for the kids. I usually make banana muffins or banana bread, fruit flavored pikelets  and  muesli bars. I d thought I would try apple and pear cupcakes. Its quite easy… just a vanilla cake mix and place steamed apple, pear and cinnamon onto the mixture in the cupcake trays. And voila!!. they turned out awesome and the kids love them.

I would like to know if you have a family  cooking tradition you follow?And if you have any quick healthy snacks to share just comment below.

Until next time…. Jess

IMG_1516[1]                                     IMG_1517[1]




Just Be You – Have what you want!

Do you ever get asked why your wearing a certain pair of shoes? Does anyone question you about how you do something a certain way? What about the colors or design you use on invitations, walls your in your house? Frankly I don’t think they get a say. if that’s what you want- HAVE IT!

Everyone has their own sense of style. Everyone is different and unique.. I t doesn’t matter how it looks that is you and your not being ” fake”.

I’m wedding planning at the moment and its suppose to be a happy time for me to plan my special day but I’ve been asked a couples times ” why are you having that, I wouldn’t do that!” or they’ve said ” I don’t like that “. Guess what ? I don’t care!! I am who I am and I will have what I want..I know that sounds like a B***h but I don’t want our special day to be all about something were  not.  Last few weeks I’ve realized I don’t need to impress, or suck up . I am excitedly planning the way I want.

Just be you- you will feel more comfortable inside and out xxx

Has anyone tried to change you?

be you

Another Year older but still Mummy’s Baby Girl

As most of my friends and family know, I am very  organised person( well I try to be). I like to organize things way, way ahead. This gives me plenty of time to workout what I actually want to do, if I need to change anything, how much time I have and how many $$$ I will need to save, then brake it down into the weeks- or months ,and start preparing.

My daughters 2nd birthday is coming up in may…see told you I plan months ahead!!!

There is so much going on this year- weddings, Easter, birthdays,long weekends, OUR wedding and then Christmas. Totes need a break this year !

For Miss C’s birthday I was thinking just having a small gathering with few family and friends and a good old Aussie BBQ. As long as we take loads of pics of the cheeky, happy little girl she is, I don’t think it matters if we have a formal dinner or just a snag in a piece of bread, the pictures are going to be with her forever.

What have you done for your child’s second Birthday to save some coins?



All It Takes Is A Bit Of Colour

As some of you may have read, my partner and I will be tying the knot later this year. So every chance I get to save money I do! Although I am usually a tight arse on most things- which my partner gets annoyed with LOL , saving money on the little things helps out quite a bit in the end.

This weekend I decided to make the kids some cupcakes for school lunches.( I now have 1 starting his 2nd year in primary and another starting preschool 5 days F/N).

So everything is going great- I’m making homemade banana cupcakes, kids are watching over me to fight for the bowl (how i loved…still love to eat the left over mixture out of the bowl) , cupcakes go in and start cooking away. Later that afternoon I go to give the children a taste test. They weren’t to keen on them…what have I done ? they love cupcakes???

So this morning I woke up and thought  ” I might just give it a bit of color”. That’s what I did, I got cracking on making some icing and  decorated them with white icing and Rainbow soft sugar pearls( edible). And MY OH MY they were a hit not only for the kids but the hubby- to be woke up and started scoffing them down!!!!


First time for everything

Every day, whether you have a young child or you yourself go about your daily routine, we somehow manage to learn something different each day.

There have been a few consecutive days where I say to myself ” wow i did not know that” or ” You learn something everyday’.

Today i learnt how to start a blog.!! I have been friends with a fellow blogger as our children are in the same year at school and I contacted her today to learn about starting a blog. Shes fantastic!! Although I’m still getting the hang of it its a great experience.

When I take 5 min away from the kids, this will help me hopefully help you, giving you the opportunity to learn something different each day . #beautyhealthfashionlifestlye