Just Be You – Have what you want!

Do you ever get asked why your wearing a certain pair of shoes? Does anyone question you about how you do something a certain way? What about the colors or design you use on invitations, walls your in your house? Frankly I don’t think they get a say. if that’s what you want- HAVE IT!

Everyone has their own sense of style. Everyone is different and unique.. I t doesn’t matter how it looks that is you and your not being ” fake”.

I’m wedding planning at the moment and its suppose to be a happy time for me to plan my special day but I’ve been asked a couples times ” why are you having that, I wouldn’t do that!” or they’ve said ” I don’t like that “. Guess what ? I don’t care!! I am who I am and I will have what I want..I know that sounds like a B***h but I don’t want our special day to be all about something were  not.  Last few weeks I’ve realized I don’t need to impress, or suck up . I am excitedly planning the way I want.

Just be you- you will feel more comfortable inside and out xxx

Has anyone tried to change you?

be you


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