Time Flies When Your Having Fun.

Over the weekend i was so excited to be a guest at my sister and brother in-laws wedding. I couldn’t wait to see everything that they had been planning for the last year and half come together and be more then what they  had ever dreamed of. It felt like  the planning took more than 18 months. From picking out flower arrangements for her centerpieces,making thank-you gifts for her guests (which smell awesome by the way!) to finding the right DJ,photographer,cake maker,bridesmaids dresses,wedding,songs and the ‘perfect’ dress for her magical day. It took such a long time to prepare it all and when it came to her ‘big day’ , time flew. It went so damn quick.She had around a 20 minute ceremony which felt like it flew by within just a few minutes. She wishes she could rewind time and go back to that ‘moment’ with her partner and be in awe with their friends and family . It was a such an emotional but fun day to be with family and friends to celebrate their marriage.

Most Magical Day

Most Magical Day

What was your most memorable moment when you got married?


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