Family Traditions

One thing I remember about my childhood, is baking every Sunday. I am one of 9 so making treats for our lunchboxes for school helped the budget for my parents then. I remember baking choc chip cookies ( well eating most of the mixture before it was cooked ), cakes and slices. It was so exciting to be in the kitchen at a young age and deciding what to bake for that week. I would use my imagination icing the cupcakes was fun!!

As the years have gone gone by, and I have my own family, I have bake nearly Sunday and trying to make it a little healthier for the kids. I usually make banana muffins or banana bread, fruit flavored pikelets  and  muesli bars. I d thought I would try apple and pear cupcakes. Its quite easy… just a vanilla cake mix and place steamed apple, pear and cinnamon onto the mixture in the cupcake trays. And voila!!. they turned out awesome and the kids love them.

I would like to know if you have a family  cooking tradition you follow?And if you have any quick healthy snacks to share just comment below.

Until next time…. Jess

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