Wedding Bells <3

Planning a wedding can be stressful, exciting,overwhelming and satisfying. When you want to look back on your wedding day, you don’t want to think “why on earth did you stress over that”!

Usually brides-to-be plan at least 18 months ahead – I HI 5 to those who plan it in weeks!- Take your time, relax and enjoy every moment of planning your wedding. It can be as casual as a BBQ in the backyard or as formal as a Ball.

Keep these simple tips in mind with Ashley Elizabeth Bridal’s top tips for planning a wedding.

Ashley Elizabeth Bridal is located in the vineyards of the Hunter Valley NSW. Ashley Elizabeth Bridal  brings elegance and exquisite style to the Hunter Valley along with a unique variety of breath taking gowns. Your sure to find your dream dress at Ashley Elizabeth Bridal.

These simple steps from Ashley Elizabeth Bridal will help you enjoy planning your special day.

  1. SET DATE, VENUE & LOCATION- Once you’ve set a date, finding your location and venue is a high priority. Places book quickly especially if its somewhere popular.
  1. DIARY- Write everything down on paper. Its been proven to decrease stress and anxiety- and you wont forget…


1.TIME MATTERS WHEN CHOOSING THE RIGHT DRESS– Trying on bridal dresses is a workout! organise a full day to search instead of juggling through work hours or between errands.

2.MAKE SURE THE LIGHT IS RIGHT- It is important to try your dress on in similar light to your wedding. If your having an outdoor wedding ceromony, try your dress near a window or if you having a church candlelight ceromony, try your dress on in dim light .

  1. OPINIONS OF FAMILY AND FRIENDS- Only invite the people whose opinions you actually care about and value. Dont feel you need to invite friends or family if their thoughts on your style arent very important to you.

4.BRA AND UNDERWEAR- A good tip is to wear similar undergarments when choosing your gown, that you will be wearing on your wedding day. So if your wearing a strapless dress- opt for a strapless bra and underwear in a neural color- would be a great idea. Most of the time there are bridal consultants in the dressing rooms with you so wear something you feel comfortable in and another person seeing.

5.COMFORT- If like me, a wild dancer..I will  be grooving it on the dance floor on my wedding night. Ashley Elizabeth Bridal recommends being comfortable in your dress. Make sure you can kneel or sit if theres alot of sitting required at your cermomy . Make sure you can dance comfortable in your gown. Im sure you would like to drop it like its hot!!

6.CRYING- Every bride has a different experience when wedding shopping.If this is a time for you to express your emotinal side or personal stlye, go ahead !.Dont let anyone tell you otherwise. Not all brides cry when they find the perfect dress.

I hope these tips help you stay calm and are useful along the way to  plan the perfect day of yours and your partners dreams.

You can see Ashley Elizabeth Bridal collection by popping over to their website at


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