Another Year older but still Mummy’s Baby Girl

As most of my friends and family know, I am very  organised person( well I try to be). I like to organize things way, way ahead. This gives me plenty of time to workout what I actually want to do, if I need to change anything, how much time I have and how many $$$ I will need to save, then brake it down into the weeks- or months ,and start preparing.

My daughters 2nd birthday is coming up in may…see told you I plan months ahead!!!

There is so much going on this year- weddings, Easter, birthdays,long weekends, OUR wedding and then Christmas. Totes need a break this year !

For Miss C’s birthday I was thinking just having a small gathering with few family and friends and a good old Aussie BBQ. As long as we take loads of pics of the cheeky, happy little girl she is, I don’t think it matters if we have a formal dinner or just a snag in a piece of bread, the pictures are going to be with her forever.

What have you done for your child’s second Birthday to save some coins?